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With close to two decades of experience, attorney Mark West founded The Law Offices of Mark West in 2006 to provide legal representation to victims of car and truck accidents, defective products, aviation accidents and medical and dental malpractice; including both injury and wrongful death claims. The firm, based in Rosemead, Los Angeles County, California, assists clients all over California as well as in other states. The firm also represents clients in business and general litigation matters including fraud, contract disputes, defamation, malicious prosecution, employment and landlord/tenant disputes (unlawful detainer).


Mr. West has litigated many cases to resolutions of over a million dollars. The firm has also successfully resolved malicious prosecution and defamation matters on behalf of clients. Unlawful detainer actions are handled expeditiously and cost effectively.

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Mark West, AttorneyWe are a phone call away.  Mr. West will provide a free case evaluation, either over the phone or you can use the on-line form to provide us with information necessary to begin to evaluate your current situation.

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