Product Liability


We all use products every day which are safe and effective for their intended use.  Sometimes, however, a product can be defectively designed or manufactured and cause serious injuries or even death.  Attorney Mark West has successfully handled defective product cases including defects in automobiles, motor homes and also defective household products, such as space heaters and garden sprayers.

Defective ProductsOne such case, in which Mr. West represented the plaintiff, involved an everyday garden sprayer.  The plaintiff, using the garden sprayer according to the instructions, pumped up the sprayer to build up pressure in the tank which would cause the sprayer to spray when the hose nozzle was opened.  Unfortunately, the clamp used to old the hose in place was defective and before the plaintiff could open the nozzle, the hose clamp let loose and the clamp and hose flew off the tank striking the plaintiff in the eye.  He was blinded in that eye. 

Mr. West has also been involved in cases involving fires caused by faulty space heaters, injuries caused by defective car parts and injuries caused by fires in motor homes when the emergency exits are not properly designed. 

If you believe you have been injured by a defective product, call our office for a free consultation.  In most instances we can determine if you have a case after the first call or meeting. 

Many people are injured at work by a defective product and bring workers compensation actions.  There could also possibly be a product liability case against the manufacturer or seller of the product.  You should ask your workers compensation attorney if he thinks there is such a claim and she or he may want to refer that case to an attorney who has handled product liability claims.  Or you can call us direct if you are hurt in a work related accident and we can review the product liability claim and make sure your workers compensation case is handled as well.


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