Mark WestSmall Claims

Do you have a small claims case but don’t know what to do?

Even though your claim may be small that does not mean it is not important to you.  We understand that.  Sometimes someone owes you money and refuses to pay you or, you have had an accident and your claim is small and cannot be filed in the Superior Court.  You want to be paid but you need to file your claim in Small Claims Court.  

We can help.  For a nominal fee we can provide you with the help you need to get through the process. We can:

  • Help you choose the right documents;
  • Assist you in filling out the forms, or fill the documents out for you;
  • File the documents;
  • Get the documents served on the defendant(s);
  • Advise you how to present your case to the Judge.

We can also attempt to resolve your matter with the defendant before filing the claim, saving everyone involved the time, effort and money of going through a trial.


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