Medical Malpractice / Unlicensed Practioner — Dentist

Patient with tooth damage said dentist lacked a valid license

  DECISION   $1,433,765
  CASE   Ping Yang and Yaping Zhang v. Yuhua Jiang a/k/a Annie Jiang, No. KC052109
  COURT   Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Pomona, CA
  JUDGE   Peter J. Meeka
  DATE   12/29/2008
  Mark West, Law Offices of Mark West, Rosemead, CA
  None reported

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: From 2004 through 2007, plaintiff Ping Yang, 52, unemployed, received dental care from Yuhua Jiang, who was also known as Annie Jiang. During that time, Jiang put braces on Yang's teeth.

Yang sued Jiang for Dental malpractice and fraud, alleging that Jiang had been practicing dentistry without a license.

Jiang did not appear at trial.

INJURIES/DAMAGES: loss of consortium; loss of teeth; tooth loss

Yang alleged significant bone and tooth damage, which would result in the loss of at least 23 teeth.

Plaintiff's counsel sought $83,765 in past and future medical damages, plus unspecified damages for Yang's pain and suffering.

Yang's spouse made a claim for loss of consortium.

RESULT: Judge Peter J. Meeda ruled for the plaintiffs, awarding them $1,433,765 in damages, plus costs.

PING YANG   $900,000 pain and suffering
$83,765 medical costs
YAPING ZHANG   $450,000 loss of consortium


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(Reprinted from March 2, 2009)